Welcome to the website of the Steampunk Chef, the First Chef of Steam, Aaron Egan—the home of Historical-Modern Fusion Cooking! Whether you've arrived here by virtue of a business card (printed by the fine folks over at moo.com) that you found at a convention, picked up at a catered event, or one that was handed to you directly by me or an associate or friend; if you've stumbled upon this site by accident, searching for a new way to make dinner; or, if you showed up here entirely randomly, I'm glad you did.

For menu, reservations, and information on Things in Bowls, go here.

If you've come here from my blog, or have had the pleasure of eating my food, then you know something of what I am about. If you're unfamiliar with Steampunk, well then—! "Steampunk," it has been said, "Is Victorian Science Fiction." It is taking the ideas of the Victorian (and often Edwardian) era(s) (roughly encompassing the century from 1820 until 1920) in regards to technology, cultural "elegance" and so forth, and imagining a world in which that continued to be developed upon: Technology is based on steam power, and is often ornate and showy; fashion is embellished with gears and cogs, and many times mechanical contraptions.

As if that weren't enough, allow me to direct you to a few places that might make this concept a little more clear to you: (Indeed, a quick Google search of "steampunk" will net you many images and websites that will help to give you a better idea of what it is.)

It is my belief that if one can sew a Steampunk wardrobe, or build a Steampunk computer, or write a Steampunk story, then one should be able to cook Steampunk Food—and that is what this website, and my blog (visible at cookingsteampunk.blogspot.com) aim to discuss and develop.

For information on catering, instruction, or consulting, please contact the Chef at chef@thesteampunkchef.com.

The Steampunk Chef Logo created by Alexandra David, 2011.